A journey within a journey, through the authentic flavors of Campania

The journey is only half enjoyed if you don’t taste the local goodness! Breakfast at Salerno Antica is an ode to Campania’s authentic flavors and is characterized by our dedication to quality products and specialties from the area. To please all tastes, every day we alternate fresh delicacies from Campania’s pastry shops, the timeless sfogliatelle, genuine cakes prepared by us using family recipes, and a selection of savory products on request.

Start the day with gusto

A relaxed atmosphere to give you a good morning

With the goal of satisfying all five senses, we strive to offer a wide variety of options to ensure each morning begins with zest and well-being. From the freshness of local products to the creativity of sweet and savory dishes, our breakfasts—served on typical Vietri ceramics—are designed to enhance the charm of the region, please all palates, and meet all dietary preferences and restrictions.

Flavors that excite

Sweet or savory? Also Gluten free

Whether you are a sweets lover, a fan of savory, or looking for vegan options, you will always find something delicious and nutritious on our table, with special attention to food intolerances. Discover the pleasure of an uncompromising breakfast, where variety meets quality, and where every bite is designed to make you feel pampered. We’re here to get your day off to the best possible start, with a smile and a table set with authentic flavors and options suitable for everyone, including gluten-free.

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