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Here are some travel tips and a range of information with useful links and addresses, divided by category, to help you make the best of your stay at Salerno Antica!
I look forward to meeting and hosting you



Here are all the connections you will need during your stay.

How to reach the Amalfi Coast from Salerno:

– By ferry, departing from Molo Masuccio in Piazza della Concordia:


Grassi Junior

– By bus:

Sita Sud

How to get to the island of Capri from Salerno

– Departures from the Maritime Station – Molo Manfredi:



For all other destinations by sea, you can check out the
Traghettilines website

The number to book a cab in Salerno is: 0039089757575

To check the Salerno bus schedule, you can visit the following link

For all destinations in Campania and throughout Italy, you can consult metropolitan, regional, and high-speed train schedules and fares on the Trenitalia website.

If you are interested in planning your stay in Salerno, you can visit the following link which has all the up-to-date events and current promotions with the Campania Arte Card.


I have carefully selected each place on this list. Reserve a table wherever you prefer and mention that you are a guest of Daniele at Salerno Antica. I know all the owners personally; they will be happy to welcome you.

My favorite restaurants are those quaint, informal places where you can feel at home. They are the places with Salerno cuisine, places I frequent myself, where value for your money is guaranteed.

Osteria Cicirinella

Osteria Angolo Masuccio

Osteria La Botte Pazza

Taverna Santa Maria De Domno

If you are looking for quality and fine dining, book a dinner at one of my favorite Salerno restaurants, featured in this year’s Michelin Guide:

– Ristorante Hydra

– Ristorante Casamare

– Ristorante Pescheria

Eating a Salerno pizza is an experience you can’t miss. Here are my picks for the best pizzerias in Salerno’s historic center:

– Pizzeria Gli Esposito

– Pizzeria Giagiù

– Pizzeria Don Antonio 1970

For something a little less traditional, perhaps with a focus on wine, check out these venues where conviviality and delicacies await:

– Manicaretti

– Prosit Salerno

– Seaside

– Botteghelle 65

Here are my suggestions for a good aperitivo or post-dinner venue:

– Embarcadero

– Lanificio

– Emmanuel

– Black Monday

For lovers of street food, sandwiches, or burgers, I suggest:

– Ingordo

– Gastronomia Manzoni

– Pizza a Portafoglio

– Friggitoria Sabatino

If you have a sweet tooth and can’t do without dessert or gelato, in Salerno you can’t miss these places:

– Gelateria Nettuno

– Pasticceria/Bar Caldarelli

– Pasticceria/Bar Rosa

– Pasticceria storica Pantaleone

– Bar/Pasticceria Arienzo

Do you love local souvenirs and want to take home a traditional Salerno product to enjoy when you return? Check these places out:

– La casa del Parmigiano

– Enoteca – Torrefazione San Pietro

– The Coffeelate Portanova



Salerno Antica is in a pedestrian-only zone (ZTL) and is not accessible to cars at any time.

The best solution is the new parking garage at Piazza Libertà. It is 800 meters (0.5 miles) from the B&B and is open 24/7. Rates: first hour: €2; 2nd to 8th hours: €1.50 per hour; 9th hour and beyond: €1 per hour. There is also a weekly rate of €70 which is best for stays of at least 3 nights.

Alternatively, you can also park at the following garages*:

Dasium Celentano at via Gian Nicola De Vicariis 5 (400 meters from the B&B).

Rate: €20/€30 for 24 hours (depending on the size of your car). Tel 089 995 2885

Tel. +39 089 995 2885

Garage Squitieri at via Michele vernieri 20 (1km from the B&B).

Rate: €15-€20 for 24 hours (depending on the size of your car).

Tel +39 089 225 831

*For all details regarding opening hours, entrances/exits, please contact the garages directly to make arrangements in advance or upon arrival.

Please note that the closest free parking garage is about 1.5km from the B&B (near the Simone Vitale municipal swimming pool).

Here is the link for Salerno’s Public Parking information. Please note that the B&B is located in Zone 4. On the street, the rate is €2 per hour (8 am – 3 am)