Historical B&B

A warm and welcoming home where the past meets the present in perfect balance

This home tells the story of my family—from its origins as a convent in the 1500s, to becoming my father’s childhood home and eventually my own. I grew up here and knew I wanted to cultivate the values of hospitality every day. I accomplished this in 2012 when I transformed my historic home into one of the first B&Bs in Salerno. Let me tell you the story of this unique place.


The charm of an ancient residence

This is a place steeped in ancient memories and tales buried by time. Each object holds a secret; each glimpse awakens an era still alive in memories. Like when, during my high school years in the 1970s, my father turned this house into a theater. Each room preserves a fragment of the past, complemented with original watercolors by the Salerno artist and dear family friend Franco Di Donato that depict the historic alleys and most characteristic views of Salerno.

In the main room and throughout the rest of the B&B you will also be able to admire original and unique family pieces, photographs, and other works by Salerno artists like Alfonso Grassi and Matteo Sabino––set designer and art teacher of the Regina Margherita Theater Company, established by my dad. Restoring these pieces to furnish the B&B brought me great joy.

After my studies and an unforgettable experience working abroad in the tourism sector, I felt Salerno calling me back and decided to return home. I conceived a plan to convert my family home into a bed & breakfast, but with an innovative hospitality idea—let the walls speak, these silent witnesses of history and custodians of precious memories.


The building that houses Salerno Antica was a Convent of the Poor Clares—contemplative cloistered nuns who lived a simple life devoid of possessions. They focused only on the essentials—silence, prayer, work, and monastic life.


This building was first my father’s childhood home and, at the same time, home to the Regina Margherita Theater Company, my father’s creation. Together with a group of students, he spent 1968 supporting a culture of openness and integration, in stark contrast to the violence of the Italian squares. The scent of his theater scripts, photo albums, playbills, and the meaningful objects associated with his work in the main room reveal hints of an era that made history.


This building served as the family home where I was born and raised. Here in the early 2000s, in collaboration with the Italian Academy, we began hosting young people from all over the world. Cultivating values of hospitality and fellowship and fostering interpersonal relationships every day—combined with my studies and experiences abroad—helped me understand my mission.

Dal 2012

I thus decided to open my doors to the world. With a focus on enhancing the allure of my hometown through tradition, I converted my home into one of Salerno’s first B&Bs. This is a historic and welcoming home where tradition is served with confidence and kindness—something Salerno Antica is famous for. This is not a hotel nor a standard bed & breakfast; Salerno Antica is an experience to be lived, in an atmosphere of genuine warmth you will remember forever.

Choose the room that speaks to you!

Our rooms are spacious, bright, and comfortable—an invitation to spend your stay unhurriedly while experiencing a lifestyle that is anything but ordinary. Inside you will find the peculiarities that distinguish Salerno Antica from the others: high quality comfort, modern furnishings in harmony with the classic look of the rooms, and adequate space to enjoy a vacation in total tranquility.